Maize Bran Debenture (44125)

Owner: African Urithi Capital
Category: Maize Bran
Price: R 1.00

This short form prospectus qualifies the distribution (the “Offering”) of up to R83,000 aggregate principal amount of 8.9% redeemable unsecured debentures (the “Debentures”) of a truck load of Maize Bran for  (“Central Association of Co-operatives Union”, “CACU”, “us” or “we”) at a price of R1 per Debenture (the “Offering Price”). The Debentures have a maturity date of 21 Days from full capital commitment.  

Maize Maran Supplier: CACU Co-op Farmers 

Maize Bran Buyer: South Africa

Cycle (on full funding): 21 days 

Coupon: 8.9%

Offering Price: R1

Debentures on Offer: 83,000


Market Outlook

A significant rise in the total production of Maize across the globe has been observed, and now has become a staple food in larger parts of the world. Maize is used widely in the human food to increase the nutritional value, in feed for livestock, in chemicals and biofuel, as a commodity, and many such applications which is making the product popular amongst businesses.

Maize bran is a hard outermost layer of a complete kernel of Maize fruit. Maize bran is ideal for adding into the other recipes as a consequence of its bland flavour and light colour. Maize bran is very rich in fibre and is used in different types of foods in order to increase the nutritional value of the same. Maize bran is necessary in order to increase the essential fibre levels in the body. Such increasing applications of Maize bran have compelled manufacturers to enter into the market, leading to a noteworthy rise in the competition.  

Rise in Increasing Nutritional Value of Food Products Is Driving the Maize Bran Marketplace at Large

The prime reason which is driving the growth of the Maize bran market is that there is a significant rise in increasing the overall nutritional value of food products in almost all parts of the world. Companies and manufacturers of Maize bran are striving to provide better nutritional value to its consumers, which is helping to driving the Maize bran market. The Maize bran market is also getting driven by the popularity of Maize and its versatile applications in nutraceutical industry. Moreover, there is a significant rise in making various blends and mixtures in the food products which is supporting the growth of the Maize bran market. People in most parts of the world are conscious about providing nutritional products to their cattle and livestock which is subjected to help the Maize bran market to raise at a global level. Maize bran provides various applications in the overall food and beverages industry such as bakery, confectionary and snacks among others which is driving the growth of the market.