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Owner: Peace Tsungai Shoko
Category: SACCO's
Price: R 650.00

The Co-op Pay® Credit Card does what a great savings and credit co-operative member card should do, make your life simpler and enable you to save. With its powerful features, the Co-op Pay® Credit Card does all this and more.

Card Features

Online Banking

Login to your Co-op Pay® Account at and experience the power to do more:


No matter where you are, we will keep you informed. Co-op Pay® Card Alerts enable you to receive information regarding your credit card as an Email and SMS on your mobile phone.


Get enhanced security for online transactions made with your Co-op Pay® Credit Card with One Time Password (OTP) & Instant Transaction Alerts. These security features gives peace of mind while doing online or phone credit transaction.

Card Benefits 

Buy Now Pay Later!

Travel Now Pay Later!

Study Now Pay Later!

Health Now Pay Later

Cash Backs

Get Cash Back Rewards whenever you shop, which can be redeemed against outstanding balance or gifts from the rewards catalogue. You can use your Co-op Pay® Credit Card for all your shopping needs at any of our participating co-operative merchants and business partners.

Whenever you use your Co-op Pay® Credit Card, you earn Cash Back Rewards which you can use to pay your outstanding balance or exchange for exciting gifts from the Rewards Catalogue. You will earn up to 50% Cash Back Rewards for every $100 spent. Now get rewarded every time you spend on your Co-op Pay® Credit Card