member Services


[Dividend: 60% /annum paid annually]

Member savings are invested in:

  • SACCO Shares
  • Member Credit
  • Member Savings accounts can be used as collateral for Credit.



[Fees: 5% /transaction]

  • Member Transfers
  • Merchant Payments


  • The Credit Store (Buy Now, Pay Later!)


The Credit Store is supplied by members on consignment. Member customers can purchase on credit any of the advertised products and services. 

Shopping is fun

Members want a better way to pay. That’s why we’re striving to make paying for products in the uXpress® Credit Store as enjoyable as shopping for them.

We trust and empower members

Many members do not have access to credit. That’s why at uXpress®, we’re putting our trust in our members and giving members the freedom to buy what they want today and pay at the end of the month.

We’re committed to responsible spending

uXpress® SACCO is deeply committed to responsible spending and is always free for members who pay on time. If a customer misses a payment, they will be charged a 10% fee and won’t be extended more credit until the payments are up-to-date. We are focused on supporting our community of members.

    • Check your Account Summary to see the amount of credit limit you have. This limit is increases depending on amount and consistency of your repayments
    • You can use uXpress® Credit Vouchers to shop for goods and services in the credit store or transfer to other member's
    • On the first day of the following month your outstanding credit will be settled from funds in your uSave Account. No interest is charged on this service. 

  • uXpress® Credit Card


uXpress® Credit Card is a closed loop card that can only be used between members, societies, business partners and agents. Repayment Deposit: Via EFT; Bank Deposit, ATM Deposit or at an Agent near you. On Loading your card: Use your mobile number / email / uCredit® account number as reference.  


  • uXpress® Credit Vouchers

Get big discounts from participating retailers when you buy in-store with uXpress® Credit Vouchers

Where do I shop with uXpress® Credit Vouchers?

  • Search the directory for the list of our participating retailers and service providers
  • Simply present your Voucher CODE at the Till when you buy.

 Where do I buy uXpress® Credit Vouchers?

  • from your uCredit® Account
  • or at uXpress® Agent near you. 

  • uXpress® SSB Loans

Salary Based Loans for Civil Service Employees (salaries coming through ZNA and SSB). These are available to all Civil service employees.

Qualification Criteria

Loans are salary based. uXpress® deducts up to a maximum of 30% of applicant’s net salary. 

Requirements for Loan Application

  • ZNA and SSB members
  • Loan agreement form. 
  • Copy of I.D
  • Letter of employment
  • Current payslip


  • Currency ZWL
  • Interest rate 11% - 12% pm
  • Insurance 2.1%
  • Application fees  ZWL$300
  • Arrangement fees 4%
  • Maximum Loan Amount Uncapped
  • Maximum Repayment Period 1-3 months
  • Interest rates remain at a scale of 11-12% depending on tenure
  • Maximum loan amount is uncapped.
  • Maximum repayment period remains at 3 months.
  • 2% Government tax will still be deducted from the net disbursement amount


  • CDE (Co-operative Debentures Exchange)

The CDE is an alternative capital market where co-operative societies offer secured and unsecured debentures to local and international investors. On uXpress® members have an opportunity to view the co-operative profiles and debenture offering documents as well as references from other members to assess the risk of each debentures on offer. 

Interest and Redemption of debentures are made directly to member uPay accounts as thy fall due. uXpress does not guarantee returns or capital invested in any co-operative debenture.

2021 Projects

In 2021 uXpress is embarking on the capital projects below. Profits from these projects is shared at the end of each year among members (according to their shareholding) as dictated by the Management Committee.

  • Institute of Co-operative Management
  • Sangano
  • Migration Services 

  • Back to School Packs
    • listed by School Last Name OR enter your school's name in SEARCH bar.   
    • If your specific school is not listed, we have our "Great Start" packs by grade level which contain the most popular items requested by the teachers in each grade.   
    • Save time and money by ordering our "Standard School Supply Packs".
    • Prices include delivery to your home or business.
    • Each grade level pack includes the most essential items to get the school year started with success.    
    • The basic school supplies that most take for granted are not available for many children that are in need.  
    • Our packs are ready to ship with quality products and have enough supplies to start a great school year.  
    • Order here and be done with your back to school supplies shopping. 
    • The prices below include FREE SHIPPING to the address of your choice.  

  • Ruwadzano Women's Hospital
  • eVoting
  • Data Bundles
  • uXpress® Channels
    • App (ios & android)
    • USSD
    • SMS

  • uMobile

[Bundle: R199/month]

Buy a uMobile airtime and data bundle (R100 Airtime + 200Mb Data bundle) monthly in advance to access embedded benefits, that include: Family Funeral Cash Benefit; Accidental Benefit; Repatriation; Tomb Stone Benefit; 6 Months Food Benefit; Road Cover; Hospitalisation Benefit; Private Ambulance; Legal Aid and so much more.

  • Financial Literacy Challenge

[Enrollment Fee: R99]

The mission of the uXpress® SACCO Financial Literacy Challenge is to help people become confident stewards of their financial affairs by encouraging families to save and exercise good money management. Financial literacy improves people’s ability to plan effectively and eliminate wasteful spending, leading to increased disposable income to give, save and invest.

Enrol on


The Psychology of Money: why you earn, spend and save the way you do.

  • Time Value of Money Concept
  • Personal Financial Statement: (Asset & Liability Analysis)
  • Budgeting & Personal Spending Plans
  • Financial Goal Setting 

Learn to Earn: Maximise your income

  • Types of income
  • Taxation of income: PAYE, etc
  • Developing multistream income
  • Passive Vs Active income 

Take Cover: Perspectives on Financial Protection

  • Personal/Financial Risk Assessment
  • Life Cover & Critical illness Cover
  • Health Insurance
  • Funeral Insurance
  • Other Insurance 

Debt Management

  • Types of Debt and How to use them
  • Common Mistakes
  • Dealing with problem debt 

The Financial Sector:

  • Financial Markets: Global Game of Money
  • Players, roles & responsibilities
  • Economic Crisis: History Causes & Effects
  • Financial Advice
  • Jargon Buster 

Intelligent Investing

  • Risk and Reward
  • Asset Classes & Asset Allocation
  • Investment Products
  • Education/School Fees Finding 

Real Estate Riches

  • Home Ownership
  • Property as an investment
  • Property finance 

Attempt the uXpress® SACCO Financial Literacy Challenge every time you purchase a voucher or shop online and stand a chance to win the following prizes:

  • School fees
  • Boarding school tuck supplies
  • Back to school supplies
  • Cash backs
  • Scholarship
  • Cash and product prizes
  • Free purchase and Discount Vouchers
  • And much much more….