Central Associations of Cooperative Unions 
 in Zimbabwe

CACU Board Members & Executives

The CACU Board is composed of 9 members from 23 Unions.  Each union seconds one member on delegate basis to the Board.  The CEO is an ex-officio member of the Board. 


Executive Management

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) , Chief operating Officer, Finance and Administration, Research and development, Operation and Marketing, and HRM Our Provincial SACCO are run by Managing Directors who reports to the Chief Executive Officer and The Managing director manages the affairs of the SACCO reporting to the Provincial Board.  The Provincial Board Chairman is the Board Member to CACU.


Sub Committees

 To support the secretariat and the board, there are finance, education and training (human resources development), organizing, publicity and information, research and development, women and youth committees.  Sub committees report to the Board.


Supervisory committee

There is a supervisory committee with the sole responsibility to supervise the work of CACU Board.  It reports to the Annual General Meeting.

Mr  Fidelis Gweshe

Vice Chair               
Mr Dennis Mubaiwa

General Secretary   
Mrs Agnes Gatakata

General Treasurer    
Mr Simon Chakoma

Other Board Members
  • Mr Joshua Musora
  • Mr Barnabas Murangayi 
  • Mr Enia Nyamukondiwa
  • Mr Workson Kalanje
  • Mr Onias Jiji
  • Mrs  ChristinaMachetu





Mr. F Gweshe

Mr F Gweshe is a banker by profession, having worked for Standard Charted Bank, Inde Bank Malawi, and Agribank for cumulative 32 years where he held senior positions.   Currently he renounced tobacco farmer and is assisting the small scale formers. He hold  a Masters Degree in Business Management(MBA) from University of Zimbabwe, Leadership in Business Management Diploma(UNISA) and the Institute of Bankers Diploma in Zimbabwe.  Mr. Gweshe has vast experience in the banking sector and is using this experience to manage the Saccos.  The Chief Executive Officer is under the supervision of the Board Chairmn according to the provision of the Act and the By-law.



Mrs. Martha Bertha MAZIVA

Mrs. M. B. MAZIVA has vast experience in the managing of both private and public organizations including cooperatives at senior management levels.  She holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA)(MSU), Bachelor of Accounting(UZ), Fellow member of the Institute of Administration and Commerce (SA) and Higher National Diploma in Accounting. Her experience spans over twenty years and has been in this industry for over 15 years.



Ms. Gertrude Mabenge

Ms Mabenge has been with the Union for the past 15 years and holding senior positions. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Human Resource Management (ZOU) and a Higher National Diploma in Human Resource Management. The Organization is enjoying her vast experience in the Agricultural sector. She is responsible for Human resources and Administration Department of CACU



Yvonne Guzha: 

Ms Guzha holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting (MSU) and Fellow member with SAAA (Zim). She has 8 years’ experience in management of cooperative Finance.  She is responsible for the day to day financial management of the organization.



Tendai Chinopangara:

Mr T Chinopagara is holder of a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management Degree with Africa University and have a vast experience in the marketing management of SACCOs date backing from the early nineties when he he was the Marketing Manager for the Zimbabwe Teachers Asscociation (SACCO).  He developed the marketing policy for both private and public enties in his work experience.  Mr Chinopangara is responsible for the day to day management of the marketing department.